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Choosing the Right Health Insurance Coverage
for You and Your Family

First of all, why should you and your family have health insurance coverage?
There are two really goods reasons:
1. to have the health care you need , when you need it, and ,
2. to have health care at a reasonable cost. If you, your spouse or child becomes seriously ill, you'll need medical attention. Doctors and especially hospitals are very expensive to pay out of pocket without health insurance companies benefits. With health insurance online, you and your family’s medical needs are covered with little to no cost to you, depending on your health insurance online plan.

Just think about it, you've had a bad month out sick, and your child breaks an arm, but the hospital wants cash to help your child, no parent should be put in that position or child for that matter. But coverage from health insurance companies allows your child to get the emergency care they need and you could have health insurance coverage to visit the doctor at the beginning of an illness, so your illness will be much shorter in duration. Health Insurance online is a necessity and responsibility for everyone, but especially anyone with children.

What do health insurance companies cover?
Yearly physicals
Routine office visits
Specialist office visits
In and out patient hospital visits including surgery
Ambulance services (in most cases)
Pediatric care
X-ray, blood and other lavatory tests
Yearly testing services, such as, pap smears, mammograms, etc.

Types of coverage - Health Insurance Online
There are many different types of health insurance coverage; we will list only a few health insurance online plans in order to get you started. Be sure to fill out our health insurance online form and discuss your needs with a health insurance companies specialist in your state area.

HMO or Health Maintenance Organization
With this plan you visit your primary care doctor for health services. If you need to go to a specialist, your primary care doctor will refer you to one. Health insurance companies will not cover you without this referral from your primary care doctor and you will have to pay in full for any specialist services.

PPO or Preferred Provider Organization Plan
With this plan you can visit any primary, specialist, or medical facility without referral and be fully covered. Health insurance companies will cover you if your child breaks a bone and you go directly to the orthopedic doctor, without going through your primary doctor (as with HMO coverage).

POS or Point of Service
With this plan you essentially have both an HMO and a PPO plan. Health insurance companies give you the choice between the two plans for each medical instance. This plan can offer more covered preventative programs, however, you may pay more out-of-pocket expenses if you choose a doctor or service outside of your plan.

HSA or Health Savings Account
This plan will cover much more than the above listed health insurance online plans. With this plan, health insurance companies will also cover eyeglasses, dental, cosmetic procedures, over-the-counter medications, alternative medicines and more. HSA is a tax-deferred savings account as long as withdrawals are for medical expenses. Funds leftover at the end of the year are rolled into an IRA account.

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